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A Real-Time Quest to End Wage Slavery

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One would think after 6 years of “higher education” consisting of an undergraduate degree from a reputable school and an MBA degree from a top 40 school in the world, on top of nearly 5 years of working for two of the top private equity firms in the world, that I would be thrilled to re-enter the workforce and climb the corporate ladder. Instead, the exact opposite has happened as I’ve started to learn how the world really works beyond the textbooks. In fact, I’d rather go homeless and/or bankrupt before I ever work another hour as someone else’s employee. While I could write an entire novel over how I came to feel this way, I think this article from Medium related to ending wage slavery encapsulates my sentiment pretty well. Outside of that piece, I just don’t believe that one can truly call themselves a boss yet still have to answer to someone on an everyday basis. Growing up, I wasn’t itching to become an adult just so other adults who I’ve never met before could tell me what to do everyday for the rest of my life. When I envision how I want my working life to go, it’s where I’m calling the shots and only partaking in activities that are mutually agreed upon.

What I aim to do with this blog is to highlight the moves that I’m making towards permanently breaking away from the traditional way of making a living, where the employer holds all of the power and the employee is at their mercy. There was a time where being self-made was deemed to be a societal norm, and I plan to get back to those roots. There’s been no better time in history to do that thanks to the power of the internet. By no means do I have the answers. In fact, I barely even have the questions. However, instead of going through paralysis by analysis, I’ve decided to just do it. If my 6 years of “higher education” was worth anywhere near the hundreds of thousands of dollars in combined opportunity and tangible costs I incurred, then there should be no issue with figuring this thing out.

Other periodic posts on this blog will come in the form of various reviews and the occasional opinion piece. These categories can be found under the “Posts” option in the menu section or in the archives as they are published. I hope that anyone who reads any of my posts will take away something substantive and can even offer up a tip or two. Let’s figure this out together.

On this note, if every superhero needs their own theme music, then every blogger trying to pull off superhero acts needs their own as well. At the bottom of the page, you can find my current theme music (just click “play”) and it was written by yours truly (that’s me). The beat is a YouTube remake of the song “4th Dimension” from the Kids See Ghosts album.

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